LFP Furious With the Conduct of La Liga President


LFP Furious With the Conduct of La Liga President

La Liga officials, Javier Tebas, several times often spread threats to Paris Saint-Germain. After the team dared to hijack star La Liga, Neymar.

Where, Tebas has threatened to take PSG to court throughout Europe, although until now has not done so. But Tebas remains unconcerned to ask UEFA to punish PSG and also Mnachester City who allegedly has damaged the football market.

And most recently, Tebas revealed if Neymar and PSG like caught urine dirangjang and swimming pool. The result, the statement directly bolts the French side of the blood. The LFP strongly condemns Tebas’s words.

Ligue 1’s official statement stated: The LFP strongly condemns the contempt that today by La Liga President Javier Tebas against Paris Saint-Germain. His remarks do not at all reflect the great organs of La Liga. LFP reminds Tebas that UEFA has the power to determine who is obedient or not to FFP.

Many people who expect Tebas panic because Barcelona class team is now not immune to the power of money other rich teams.

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