Mild Injury, Yuu Hyun-koo and Beto Keep Prepared for Vs Perseru


Mild Injury, Yuu Hyun-koo and Beto Keep Prepared for Vs Perseru

Sriwijaya FC has been in Serui since Thursday (12/10/2017) in preparation for facing Perseru in advanced League 1 match on Saturday (14/10/2017).

However, there are two players who are still in trouble in physical condition, namely apten, Yuu Hyun-koo and predator on the front lines, Alberto “Beto” Goncalves.

“Yes they are lightly injured, but we can take it and play,” said Sri Fijay head coach Hartono Ruslan on Friday (12/10/2017).

He explains, in this 29th week, Laskar Wong Kito, nicknamed Sriwijaya FC, a little breathe of relief because it can play all the players.

“Currently, no player is punished by card accumulation even if there are players who are lightly injured,” said Hartono.

Both foreign players are known as a fighter for the team. Yuu Hyun-koo as general midfielder, while Beto as Sriwijaya’s top scorer today.

“Yes they can fight and both are ready,” said this Solo coach.

Meanwhile, Sriwijaya’s assistant coach and physical trainer, Keith Kayamba Gumbs, confirmed that both players suffered minor injuries.

“In practice, they are not so draining,” he said.

“I’m sure both of them will fight in away games, proved, both have a good contribution in Sriwijaya,” said Kayamba.

Sriwijaya FC bring 18 players to fight Perseru in advanced League 1 match. Previously, Sriwijaya journey towards Serui seems to encounter many obstacles.

In addition to the equipment (baggage) left behind in Jakarta, Sriwijaya have to cross by using a speedboat to get to Yapen Island, Papua.

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