Redknapp: Pochettino deserves to train Real Madrid

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Redknapp: Pochettino deserves to train Real Madrid

Jamie Redknapp claims if Mauricio Pochettino is worthy of being a Real Madrid manager

The reason, the Argentine coach is surprisingly successful to bring the Spurs to hold the Champions League defending champions this season, Real Madrid 1-1 at Santiago Bernabeu, early this morning.

“Everyone is talking about it. Pochettino is up there with the best of par apemain. He can handle the team manapu around the world, make no mistake. Tottenham are very lucky to have it, “said Redknapp on local media.

“They have one of the top managers in terms of player development, he makes players better and his tactics are just as good.”

“A lot of people are talking about Harry Kane to Real Madrid, but maybe he can do it too, so clubs pay close attention to him. I’m sure we’ll talk about him at the same level. “

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